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pest problems in country living

I knew that living in the country would come with a lot of changes, but I didn't realize how many pests I would have to deal with each day. Even the winter came with its own pest problems. My blog is all about the problematic pests that country living presents. You will find out what you can do to keep your home pest-free and how to eliminate the pests that have already moved into your home. Hopefully, my personal experiences can help you find the solutions to pest problems that you have and take back your home from the insects and rodents causing you troubles.

pest problems in country living

Sleep Tight By Debunking The Biggest Myths About Bed Bugs

Andrea Cruz

What you may have once known as a fun little rhyme from childhood about sleeping tight and not letting the bed bugs bite comes to life if you run into an unfortunate experience with bed bugs in your home. There is no doubt about it, having bed bugs in your mattress will make you wish that you could sleep tight, but these pests will likely make that practically impossible. Because bed bugs wait until you are good and asleep before they come out to feed, it may be hard to catch them in the act, but you will most definitely know they are there. If you really want to get a handle on a bed bug situation, it is best to get some of the biggest myths out of the way first. 

Myth: Bed bugs are easy to kill with steam. 

Fact: There are a lot of DIY treatment remedies online that are made available by well-meaning folks who have also found themselves in the middle of a bed bug problem, one of which is using steam to eliminate bugs on furniture. It is true that steam can kill a bed bug if it comes in direct contact, but producing enough steam to encapsulate every fiber of a mattress would be practically impossible without some type of professional setup. Plus, steam equals moisture, which may not be the best thing for your furniture. It is a much better idea to talk to a pest control agent, such as Cavanaugh's Professional Termite & Pest Services, about what type of heat treatment options they may have available for your bed.  

Myth: You can skip using your mattress for a while and the bed bugs will just die out. 

Fact: You probably won't mind sleeping elsewhere if you determine you have bed bugs in your mattress, but you may have to stay away from the bed for as long as a year to actually starve the bugs to the point that they will die. Bed bugs can stay in a dormant stage without a meal for a very long time and if they have access to other food sources, they will just jump ship and travel to the next available spot, such as your sofa or another bed in the house. 

Myth: Freezing the bed bugs out is a good idea. 

Fact: So you read online that you can get rid of these pesky critters with cold temperatures, so you drag your mattress out in the cold of winter in high hopes that one overnight stay outdoors will do the trick. Even though this sounds like a logical thing to do, this will rarely ever work. In order to effectively freeze bed bugs to a point that they will not survive, you will have to leave your items in temperatures of zero degrees or below for at least four days. Not only do most places not get this cold and stay that cold for a long period of time, humidity levels, direct sunlight, and even wind can have an effect on temperature variations.