pest problems in country living
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pest problems in country living

I knew that living in the country would come with a lot of changes, but I didn't realize how many pests I would have to deal with each day. Even the winter came with its own pest problems. My blog is all about the problematic pests that country living presents. You will find out what you can do to keep your home pest-free and how to eliminate the pests that have already moved into your home. Hopefully, my personal experiences can help you find the solutions to pest problems that you have and take back your home from the insects and rodents causing you troubles.

pest problems in country living

3 Ways To Stop Ants From Entering Your Home

Andrea Cruz

Among the many pests that can invade your home, like roaches, mice, and termite, ants remain one of the peskiest and most commonplace. Although they do not destroy homes as badly as the aforementioned nuisances, ants can put a serious damper on any homeowner or renter. Luckily, you have this guide at your fingertips. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few ways to stop ants from entering your home.

Makeshift Barriers

There are plenty of things that you can use to scare ants and decrease their ability to communicate and mobility. Most of the makeshift barriers you can use can be constructed from products you most likely already have in your home. These products won't kill ants that already exist in your home, but they will keep them out of your house, particularly your kitchen. Among the many products that will stop ants dead in their tracks and can be used as a makeshift barrier include cinnamon, charcoal, turmeric, baby oil, citrus oil, powdered cleanser, vaseline, and pepper.

Soap And Water

This is another DIY concoction that can be used to get rid of ants that have made their way into your home. This simple admixture of soap and water will not only get rid of the ants that have made your house their home, but will also destroy their chemical trail, which allows them to communicate with one another, and what serves to alert other ants to enter your home. A small amount of liquid soap – around a teaspoon will suffice – should be placed into a spray water bottle that should then be filled the rest of the way up with water. If you wish for this concoction to be even more powerful, use added ingredients that ants cannot stand, such as citrus peel or mint oil.

Sealing Off Entrances

Next time you see ants in your kitchen, don't immediately get rid of them. Instead, follow them back to the source from whence they entered. They most likely came into your kitchen through an area of your house that was not properly sealed off. Take the time to use caulk or putty to adequately fill in these gaps so that ants cannot find their way back into your house.

Proper ant control can be difficult, but far from an impossibility. Hopefully, this brief guide has given you some idea of how to keep ants from entering your house.